Boom Beach Secrets


In Boom Beach, you are tasked with finishing off the Black watchmen who keep attacking the local islanders. Using the boom beach hack is the perfect way to win this game. So as to do so you will need to create a tight defense first before going off to close by islands and assist the locals to get back what is truly theirs.

With scarce resources and troops at a minimum, you will need to invest your in-game coins or diamonds wisely. Making bright decisions early on could set you up for defeat or victory early on in this game. That is where the iMore comes in! Below are some secrets to keep you well on track as you play Boom Beach.

Boom Beach secrets

1. Reinforce or Upgrade before quitting

Certain types of structures and buildings take much longer to build up than others. You are allowed only build up one thing at each time so choose intelligently. Build ifdkjfhkdshfstems that need short time spans while you are playing this game and then begin building things that need longer wait for spans right before you shut the game out.

This game can alert you using a push notification in case your items are finished being built. This normally should help you repel the urge to use real currency or diamonds so as to rush bigger projects along.

2. Build as many homes as you can

Residences are one among the few ways one can earn gold coins on their island. Ensure you build as many as you can as you keep upgrading them regularly. You will need coins so as to sail to any other island and attack them, except of course you wish to pay diamonds coins to do that. In case you want to evade that, residences are the perfect way to ensure the gamer always have a few coins in their bank.

3. Attack bases as fast as possible

This goes together with tip number 5. Once you have scouted an area, make a planned attack. In case you can walk away going around towers and guns, do just that. Go directly to the main camp on an adversary island and finish it off. That will get you the victory with the least amount of casualties around 99.9per cent of the time.

4. Upgrade all saw mills as quickly as possible

Everything you create in Boom Beach normally is going to be forming wood. A gamer can upgrade or reinforce sfdhugdjgdgtructures with iron and stone, but wood often is your best option. If you are exhausted, you cannot build anything. It is important to put up saw mills and reinforce them soonest.

You’ll require leveling up before you can improve them fully, but just ensure you’re paying enough attention. When you get the resources to perform this, immediately level up all lumber production. You will be satisfied you did in case you want the artillery and had enough wood actually to build it.

5. Scout areas as you plan your attacks

When you are getting ready to launch a new attack on an island, always scout through it first. It cost you nothing plus you are going to wish to know what you are walking into. This allows you the capability to choose the troops you ought to be sending in the game. Why risk getting costly and expensive troops killed while in an attack in case you do not have to? Bring in what only you think you require.