Carpet Cleaning Services for a Cleaner Home

Houses have many different kinds of flooring and one that we see quite frequently in the UK is carpeting. If your house also has this flooring, you may be vacuuming it once or twice a week. However, did you know that it does not make your carpet 100% clean? If you have kids or simply want to have a clean home you should enlist the services of carpet cleaning harlow to get your carpet properly cleaned.

Why does vacuuming not clean it completely?

When you use a hoover to clean your carpet, the suction pulls out therlkwehf dust and dirt on the surface; however, the ones that have already gone deep into the carpet will not come out. The machine you use at home is not powerful enough to pull out these particles, and therefore, you will have to get a professional service that has the high-powered equipment to come over and clean your carpeting at lease once every six months.

Carpet cleaning methods

If you want to get your carpet cleaned well, there are two main techniques that will be used by a cleaning service.

Steam cleaning

Probably the most common way of cleaning carpets is the steam cleaning method. It uses an industrial grade vacuum which also has a part that sprays hot steam. This steam is a mixture of water and cleaning agents that go deep into the carpet. The device then sucks the dirt and dust which has already been softened by the steam.

When your home is being cleaned with the above method, you may have to clear out one entire room at a time and wait for a while before you can enter that room again.

Powder cleaning

This method though not widely used is ideal for carpets that are delicate or expensive. The cleaner will first spray a powder over the carpet and let it sit for a while. The little particle will attach onto dust and dirt and also absorb any moisture that is in the carpet. A high powered vacuum will then be used to take out all the powder.

The cost

iuliThe charges will defer based on the area that needs to be cleaned, but since it will only be done twice a year, it will not be that expensive. If you have small children that crawl or always play on the carpet, it is better to have your carpet professionally cleaned more often.


Carpets are comfy and feel nice to your feet, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other impurities. Get your carpeting cleaned well regularly for a tidy and clean home.