Things To Consider When Purchasing A Rifle Scope

ca331Have you been working hard to ensure that you pursue your hunting or shooting hobby? If so, you should be saddled with equipment that does the job right. You need a quality rifle scope that will do exactly what you want to do with fewer hassles.

There is a vast array of rifle scopes on the market today. Hence, how do you about identifying the scope that suits your needs? It depends on the type of shooting that you are doing and the kind of gun that you use. Therefore here top things to consider when purchasing a rifle scope.

1.Optical Quality

The scope`s optical quality is very crucial just like its ruggedness. Hence, the lens glass should be cautiously chosen concerning its function and ability. It should meet all the optical requirements indicated by an optical engineer.

The glass should be carefully polished and cut to remove any scratches that could interfere passage of light via the lens. Furthermore, to boost clarity, you should apply a special multi-coating compound on the lens. Therefore, always consider optical clarity while purchasing your scope.


If you are comfortable with more brightness and clarity, go with a large objective lens. The objective lens is what transmits the ambient light to enable you to focus on an image.

Hence, the larger the objective lens is, the more light it can spread to your eye. This light will enable you to have a clear view of your image. Nonetheless, a larger objective lens is bulkier and heavier compared to a smaller one. Therefore, make a wise decision to ensure you get a rifle scope that adequately suits your needs.

3.Type of Hunt

As a hunter, you need a pleasant, full view of your target. Hence, you should consider the optical triangle when buying a scope. The optical triangle consists of the field of view, eye relief, and magnification. For example, if you are a close-range shooter, you will require a large field of view. Hence, you will need a lower magnification. Therefore, always consider your type of hunt to buy the best scope.

4.Exit Pupil

There are two types of power scopes; variable and fixed. Variable power scopes give you the option to manage the amount of light passing through the scope. Hence, as you alter the magnification, you also change the exit pupil (amount of light passing through the scope).

Exit pupil is obtained by dividing the diameter of the objective lens by the magnification of the optical scope. Therefore, the exit pupil should be exactly the same as the increase of your eye`s pupil so that your eye receives as much light as possible.