How to Travel Southeast Asia on a Budget

Southeast Asia is a splendid travel destination. Adventure a waits in every country you go to in this region. The people are friendly; the weather is awesome and are the cuisines and beaches.

However to get the best experience you have to be on a budget.

This will enable you stay longer and make the most of what you had set aside for travel.

Here is how to travel Southeast Asia on a budget.

  • Do your research

siem-reap-781004_1920Nothing is empowering like information. From the onset, you have to know what your money is worth. Know the exchange rate with the local currency and change some of your money to that.

The second thing you have to know is how some of the things you will need cost.

One other thing you need to know is which countries have the best rates and the most fun.

Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam are quite tourist friendly in all aspects.

  • Travel with the locals

The locals have more knowledge than you have. Make some friends as you travel around.

They will give you a heads up when you are being ripped and also help with translation.

More like tour guides at no added costs.

It is much cheaper if you used trains and buses other than transfers from travel agencies.

The adventurous experience that comes with it is unforgettable.

  • halong-bay-957183_1280Haggle everything

Whenever you have to buy anything, try and get a bargain.

Most traders in Asia will be happy to give you a discount if you ask for one.

Be nice about it and keep in mind that everyone has to go home happy.

  • Carry essentials with you

By this I mean; bring along some of the things you need from your country.

This is because your favorite brands may be expensive in Southeast Asia.

Persona effects like soap, lotion, toothpaste and such may be costly in Southeast Asia because they have to be imported.

  • Use local

Non-essential and non-sensitive things are way cheaper if you prefer to use the local brands other than the imported. You can drink local beer other than the imported stuff from your home country that may cost more.

  • Accommodationthailand-142982_1920

In Southeast Asia, accommodation is fairly cheap, even cheaper if you are willing to foregos some of the luxuries and get a good bargain.

You can get a room for up to less than $10 per night.

Get vaccinated against common diseases to avoid getting ill during your vacation.

Whatever you are up to, remember you are there to have nice to everyone and you will have an experience of a life time.