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News Ledge is about two brothers who update us on various fields including lifestyle, Science, and technology, gaming and movies. The two brothers are Marcus Chavers and Alex Chavers. News Ledge have made it an amazing way to surely catch your attention with their short but precise news articles that will help one get an overview of the latest developments in the above-listed fields. For this month, here are some of the features they have updated us on.



For the latest in gaming, Alex talks about EA and DICE planning to release an official trailerhyplkmbvx for Battlefield 1 that will be happening on 12th June. This is exciting for the game lovers, so they are encouraged to save the date because they do not want to be left out.

Still on gaming, Xbox one has been updated meaning one can now plug their kinect back in. This update also includes cortana voice commands.

In other gaming news, Horizon Zero Dawn is to be released on the 28th day of 2017. It is actually worth the wait judging from their trailer.


In movies, Marcus Chavers informs us on the comeback of Hound, Blackfish, and Bronn in the game of thrones. You do not want to miss anything on the game of thrones.

In Rogue One: A star wars story, it is apparent that the movie needs a re-shoot. This is because the Disney executives were not happy with the shoot.


We all remember the greatest achievement of the first man landing on the moon. Well, it seems that there is water on the moon. This is contrary to the images from the satellites showing the moon as an arid place. This discovery has been made possible due to the latest advancements in technology where rock samples collected were analyzed.

The other trend is that Space X, after landing first stage rocket on a drone ship and several other landings, it is said that they plan on reusing the first stage rocket.


ghplikmbvxFor lovers of fashion here is good news. Vans and Nintendo footwear will be on sale starting this month. For Van, the price is supposed to fall between thirty-seven dollars and seventy dollars. This is actual to our surprise since it was expected that the price range would be higher than that.

These are just some of the few highlights from the News-Ledge. It is a one stop place for latest in trends in gaming, Science, and Technology among others. It is truly a revolution in staying up to date with the latest trends.